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Are you a top performer in the search world?  As President and CEO of Protis, I want to introduce you to my firm - a firm that consistently ranks in the Top 2% of single site recruiting offices in the world.  Consider the following RESULTS:

  • Protis continues to grow double digits each year as a purpose-based search firm that has a crystal clear vision broken down into 2-year increments over the next 10 years.
  • Our average performance over past 3 years is over $310,000 per producer and $452,000 per Search Consultant -  and has lead to an average annual compensation of $212,000 for our core Search Consultants.  We achieved this through arguably some of the most difficult financial times in our country’s history.
  • This performance is not serendipity.  We have a proprietary, repeatable “go to market” strategy that has driven our results and influenced other talented recruiters to interview and join Protis over the last 12-18 months.

Our hope is you will do the same thing you ask your candidates to do – be open-minded, do the research, and explore us as a career opportunity.  We are a business and not a practice type of firm.  Protis is a place where one can perform at the highest level with both purpose and values.

Our culture is an accountable, high-performing organization that offers support, collaboration and outstanding training - even for veterans.

How are we doing this?:

  • We get to know our team - What are the motivators and drivers? 
  • Transparency - We ensure the curtains are pulled back and our team gets to know leadership; what drives us and what is in our soul. 
    • We take our role very seriously to help our team hit their personal scorecard objectives.  We understand what is INSIDE our people – passion and purpose.  We are building our team around game changers that infuse Protis on the scoreboard AND throughout the organization.
    • We bring talent into an environment where success is not an option…we do not hire people for tryouts, and hand their desk to them and just say “go”…we invest the time to ensure success.  The Protis Playbook our proprietary tool  - it is unique and provides continuous improvement opportunities whether a rookie or a veterans.
    • Finally, through our proprietary Scorecard Methodology, we are right beside you as we run through the chapters of time—we are committed to take the journey with you.

Protis Objectives:

  • Our revenue will grow 32% over the next 24 months
  • We will grow to 23 people and 10 interns in the next 24 months
  • We offer a meritocracy culture
  • We have a purpose and an energizing culture
  • An amazing career opportunity 

We offer:

  • Solid compensation model
  • 401k program including company match contribution
  • Incentive Trips
  • Charity Participation, in fact our Jeans Program alone has raised over $40,000 in last 8 years.

We are not a firm for everyone; but we are for people who want:

  • To grow
  • Have influence
  • Maximize their market
  • Have a real point of difference in the marketplace
  • Be lead & not managed
  • Potential leadership in the organization

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