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20th Anniversary
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The Protis commitment to excellence within the Global Food & Beverage Division and our sister Banking Division is based on more than the desire to provide clients with outstanding products and services. Rather, it's based on a philosophy of leadership within our industry to deliver the Right Talent on Time that aligns and Fits our clients culture to positively impact Retention. 

Derived from the Greek word Protos, meaning first, or leader, Protis makes a point of staying ahead of the curve and setting new standards. Being in front allows Protis to guide clients and the industry in new, innovative directions.



What an amazing and game changing year 2014 became for what is now known as Protis Global. As we noted in 2013, the decision was made to execute a total Headquarter and Operational move from Indianapolis to Miami.  In 2014, that became reality!  There is risk from so many perspectives- what was our Indy team going to do and the risk that many would not come and the impact to the business. 

As is our culture, we were transparent about the move and the opportunity that was before us to exponentially grow and expand our business in Miami. We did however, have to say goodbye to many of our Indy team.  That is the reality.

Then something special happened...Protis Global executed this major move and delivered a year over year marginal increase in business while coming off 3 consecutive years of double digit increases.  This was done by a group of winners that has defined Protis Global over the years and that has become the PG identity. 

We have quickly built out a team of 14 in Miami by years end 2014 with some incredible and talented team members that are clearly driven winners. 

Through all of moving parts, Team Bitar and Team Davis made Pacesetter once again and Worldwide TOP 5 honors! 

The Strategic Objective built in the summer of 2014 for 2015 and 2016 brings forth some incredible plans and new opportunities.

Stay tuned to what lies ahead.  #PGRise #PGLife  


Protis made some big decisions in 2013! We have decided to move headquarters and operations out of Indianapolis and call Miami, FL our new home. We will still have few members of our team in Indianapolis.

Decisions like this cause some growth pains but we are committing to build the best search firm in the world at what we do and hiring baddest, coolest and most competitive winners. The excitement toward our purpose is energizing like the early days of our history.

2013 also was another year of success as we changed 75 people's lives helped a client go from getting funding and zero team members to having launched one of the most exciting spirit companies and Protis building the team that is killing it!!!

Pacesetter was held in the Dominican Republic and fun was had by all and of course the 2013 Branta Winner was amongst the group and it was our 3 Time Winner and our first ever back to back winner, Mr. Michael Ganly!

We are excited about 2014 and the upcoming move and the new team members we will build out in Miami!


2012 proved to be another year toward our ultimate goals at Protis and another year of success with a 12.4% revenue increase while building companies and changing lives along the way. The crew also enjoyed the fruits of their journey as we had people grow into careers and earn some jack along the way.

Our Pacesetters enjoyed a wonderful trip to Playa Mujeres, Mexico and experienced the beach, a yacht excursion and some rogue country trips with the locals.

Congrats to Michael Ganly as the 2012 Branta Award Winner awarded each year as selected by our peers. 


Once again, Protis team members have risen to the challenges and grew the business by 13% over 2010.

Vern Davis is on pace to have his best year ever and the sales leadership is taking Protis to new levels of productivity not only in revenue but in shaping our teams lives to their scorecard.  

Protis officially opened up the Miami Office in 2011 including the development of our Global Recruitment Division. We have significant depth in Africa, Latin America, Canada, Middle East, Australia, EU and Asia.

We are focusing on removing artificial barriers set to performance that were only enhanced throughout a tough economy.  To that end, the team continues to work at record levels and we are removing the barriers many companies continue to battle each day.


2010 has proven to be a proving year at Protis.  We finished the year +21% over 2009 and have taken the year to make ourselves better. 

In addition, Protis was named 2010 International Office of the Year!!

In October 2010, Kent Burns took the role of VP of Sales and leads day to day sales while Bert Miller has taken on the responsibility of: People, Position PEI to win & Profit.

We also crystallized the Protis Way while re-launching the Value Prop. along with engaging our training program and focusing it around: Communication Model, Execution Model & Value Prop Execution.  All of this is attributed to our Core team along with new hires.

This has resulted in at LEAST 5 Pacesetter Winners that will enjoy a trip to the Excellence Resort in Mexico in April of 2011!!!


Wow! 2009 proved to be a difficult year for many and opportunistic for others. Protis came off a record 2008 and followed it up with a gritty 2009 and found a way to perform 44.6% better than the overall industry; an industry off $51B!!!!  In fact, over 50% of U.S. recruiting firms went out of business while Protis turned a profit!

We attribute the success and performance foremost to our Core Team and then the ability to articulate and gain buy in from our clients the Protis Value Proposition which has a clear point of difference and performance that can be replicated across our practice.  This has been important to our clients because in times like 2009, they could not afford to make a mistake.  

The heart of a true champion is not just thriving when things are good but in fact setting the course and paving a way during difficult times and 2009 Protis was able to do just that...We were able to in fact garner share in our space and again have some of the highest performers in the world within the recruiting industry.  

We look forward to 2010 and to benefit from the great relationships we built in 2009 and grow our position as one of the Top 1% of the USA's top search firms.


Protis follows up a record setting 2007 with a 51% increase in business in 2008 with a competitive team effort year after year. Protis was ranked #16 worldwide within a 900 office network. “Off The Court” so to speak Protis raised a record amount for the following charities: MDA, Midwest Food Bank, Angel Network and American Red Cross.
Our 2008 Pacesetters included Michael Bitar, Lisa Webber, Michael Ganly, Vernon Davis and Myron Davis. Protis also had a couple of near misses that we are sure will qualify for the 2009 Pacesetter.


Protis once again grew our business through our Value Proposition and was able to help our Top 10 clients in their talent acquisition quest.  We grew 31% on a team member comparative year over year and was again recognized in the Top 25 single location firms worldwide within our affiliation. Pacesetters (incentive Award Winners) Included Myron Davis, Vern Davis, Mike Bitar, Mike Ganly, and Lisa Webber. The 2007 Branta Winner was Myron Davis


Protis was named #35 on the 2006 Top 100 Best Training Organizations in the U.S. by Training magazine – March, 2006. Protis named #2 on the list of the Top 20 Best Places to Work in Indiana for small-medium sized companies – Indiana Chamber of Commerce – May, 2006. Meggie Dials named Team Leader for the Contract Services Division of the company.


Protis has a record year as we continued to build a multi-million dollar organization. Vern Davis, along with Todd Hill, emerged as the #1 producers in the organization.  The team of Tom Blackwell, Mike Ganly, and Lori Shugars finished #2, although they substantially increased their business in 2005.  These accomplishments continue to demonstrate the level of professionalism and competitiveness in the Protis team. Todd Hill was named the 2005 Branta Award winner. Meggie Huels and Todd Hill both were first time home-buyers this year, and both announced their engagements to their long-time significant others.


Proved to be a great year as Protis again qualified as a President Gold Club Member and positioned itself to have a great start to 2005. Protis built a joint-venture to get into the consulting services arena with strong credentials to staff augmentation (contract) and HRO (human resource outsourcing) services. Vern Davis and Michael Bitar qualified as Pacesetter Winners.


Was an exciting year for Protis as Sales for 2003 reflected a 28% increase from 2002. Protis finished 10th overall out of a 1,100 office network. Billing Manager performance remained stellar with Chuck Combs, Mike Bitar and Vernon Davis all retaining Top 20 recognitions.


Was capped off by the announcement of the move of Protis Global headquarters from Avon, Indiana to Indianapolis, Indiana. Protis acquired 7,100 Square feet of office space in Indianapolis' premier office park complex-Intech Park. In 2002, Protis sales were recognized with the President's Gold Club level of performance. Chuck Combs, Mike Bitar and Vernon Davis were all named Top 20 billing managers globally.


Was a year that afforded tremendous opportunity for Protis to learn how to be excellent in the Human Capital Business regardless of economic conditions. Protis proved that we could not only survive but challenge ourselves to thrive during this business cycle. Protis continued to find success by the achievement of the President's Gold Club level of performance. Top 20 Billing Managers included Chuck Combs, Mike Bitar and Vernon Davis.


Protis continued to strengthen the leadership of the company by the announcement of Vernon Davis as a partner with Protis. Vernon will join Michael Bitar as co-lead of the #1 Food & Beverage Division in our network. His presence on the team will continue to raise the bar and the tremendous successes of Protis' FMCG efforts. In 2000, Michael Bitar was a Top 10 Billing Manager. Protis achieved the President's Gold Club level of performance.


By year-end 1998, and early 1999, Protis recognized the need to adjust our business model. The dynamics of business and the recruiting industry included, necessitated a more efficient and value-added role for our team. Thus, the team concept became the permanent business model for Protis and is fast becoming a model other firms are emulating. In fact, Protis is often asked and consulted "how" to plan and implement the business model that is adding value to our clients and team.


Protis is honored yet again, with a higher distinction, by becoming a member of the "President's Platinum Club". This honor is bestowed upon offices achieving multi-million dollar in sales for the 1998 calendar year.


Michael J. Bitar is awarded the National "Rookie of the Year" out of our 1,000 office network. This is a distinguished honor and one that is challenged upon every rookie that becomes a team member. Michael met the challenge head on and accomplished this goal.


To become a leader...if not THE leader in the industry, the company had to build itself around solid professionals to assist in forging the path to excellence. The early success of Protis demanded the growth of our leadership and talent. This need resulted in the addition of Michael J. Bitar as a Partner for Protis. Michael quickly became one of the pillars of the organization. With his hard work, dedication and motivation, Michael continues to propel the business to the next level. 

Protis becomes a member of the prestigious "President's Gold Club" for over 1,000,000 in sales for the year 1997. This achievement was accomplished in only our second year of business.

Protis moves from our original "birth place" in Danville, Indiana due to lack of space for our growing team to our new home in the Ameriana Bank Building in Avon, Indiana on the west side of Indianapolis.

1996 & 1997:

Protis quickly became a high performing office and is honored with national recognition for "Best of Class" in customer service. This award is presented to those offices with superior service to their client companies and is scored by clients and independently evaluated by MRI.

1995 December:

Bert and Laura Miller, Cofounders and Co-Managers of Protis Global, open a franchise office of the largest executive recruiting firm in the world- Management Recruiters International. The office was founded on the premise of being the premiere consultative and advisement specialist on Human Talent solutions. Our philosophy was to meet clients' needs in the "new" economy and to deliver value through innovative products by blending technology with a consultative methodology and "facilitate" talent acquisition instead of traditional headhunting.