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Michael Evers
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Mike was born Dayton, Ohio. At a young age his family relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana. Mike was heavily involved in athletics while growing up and found an enormous amount of value and appreciation for being a part of a team. He found success in baseball and was named to the All-State team in both his Junior and Senior years of High School. Mike then went on to attend Ball State University where he majored in Finance.

While attending Ball State University, Mike gained a much deeper understanding of his interest in entrepreneurship and the hospitality industry. In his freshman year, he started a small professional services business that provided service staff for private parties and corporate events, still to this day Mike continues to run the business from a distance. In his senior year he was involved with the creation of a production company based out of New Buffalo, Michigan. Mike helped grow the business and as a result was asked to move into the Vice President of Operations role. Mike excelled in this position but felt something was missing. Around this time, he came to the realization that his true passion was in the hospitality industry.

Mike’s interest in wine, enjoyment for good food, and most importantly his desire for great service, lead him to begin a career with a fine dining establishment that was ranked in the top 200 restaurant concepts nationally. After gaining a better understanding for the business and the operations of a brick and mortar, Mike took a position with a restaurant group that was young and on a rapid growth plan. With this group Mike had the opportunity to open, run, and develop two concepts in a period of just four years’ time. The 1st concept was named in the top 25 restaurants in the city within its first year of operations; the 2nd concept was named in the top 15 restaurants in the city in year one, and in year two the concept was named in the top 100 restaurants on a National scale. With a proven track record of success, this brought National attention to the independent restaurant group for the 1st time since its creation in 1997.

Mike has a strong desire to grow in every area of his life and to make the people, processes, and products grow with him. Hailing from one of the most hospitable states in the country, Mike has made it a mission to spread the “Hoosier Hospitality” attitude nationally.

“I believe the biggest mistake in employment is to hire individuals; the goal is to build a team. Individuals have ideas; teams create, evolve, and revolutionize them.” 

As a Practice Leader for Protis Global Hospitality- Mike specializes in the recruitment and build out of new unit management teams, top grading underperforming staff, and evolving client relationships into personal and professional partnerships.

In his down time Mike enjoys checking out new restaurant concepts, paddle boarding, and has true passion for fishing (he has even competed in National tournaments). Mike’s most cherished time however is spent with “the catch of my life” (his wife Rachel) cooking dinner while sharing a conversation and bottle of wine. In March of 2016, Mike and Rachel welcomed their first child (Easton) into the world and have been enjoying their time watching him learn, grow, and develop.