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Skye Miller
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Skye is a four-year team member at Protis.  She began her tenure as a Recruitment Manager on team Bitar.  As a Recruitment Manager, her role involved sourcing and placing talent in Protis’ client companies within the food and beverage sector from analysts to vice presidents.  Skye’s success in this position is reflected in her three time Pacesetter award accolades.  When asked what the most valuable lesson Skye learned from working under Michael Bitar’s tutelage, she states, “Not everyone is the same and everyone makes decisions differently- you have to remove your opinions to be successful”. 


The Recruitment Manager position taught Skye the ins and outs of successfully recruiting top talent.  In 2015, Skye was promoted to the position of Director of Talent Acquisition & Development for Protis.  Her background in recruiting for Protis’ client companies facilitated a successful transition to her current, two-part responsibility for the company.  The first bucket Skye is accountable for is screening and assessing the aptitude and cultural fit for Protis Global, then, managing the process through offer extension to potential team members.  The second bucket of responsibility is training and development.  While managing Protis’ on-boarding process for new team members, Skye creates the training agendas for both new hires and interns.  In conjunction with the new hires respective teams, she coordinates and assists in their training programs.  In addition, Skye plans and develops on-going, organization training for all team members. 


Skye’s credits her career attributes to life lessons learned from family, mentors and sports.  As a four year Division 1 athlete in softball at the University of Louisville, her experience taught her dedication, work ethic and relentless perseverance.  These attributes are Skye’s foundation for success at Protis and in life. 


Skye’s career out of college began with inside sales selling direct mail paired with innovative technology to automotive organizations.  She is a proud graduate of both Cathedral High School in Indianapolis, Indiana and the University of Louisville.  In her free time, Skye continues her athletic interests through running, spinning and weight training.  She enjoys reading, traveling and any time on the beach in her adopted city of Miami, Florida.