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Placement Process
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1) Prepare Client Call Plan

Research various proprietary resources, PCR .db and network lists of various along with our deep social media vehicles.

2) Open Client Dialogue

Phone communication with prospect and or email communication.  Also, dialogue can be opened by securing relational referrals.

3) Assess Opportunity

Connection with Hiring Authority and Decision makers – utilizing our L.A.C.E.S and F.S.T.O.P.S. methodology and determining the initial viability of a Win /Win opportunity and mutually affect a winning solution.

4) Complete Needs Analysis Profile

Q and A live conversation interview either phone, in person and via video with information aligning and vetting the information and working with client to build our the need and plan to execute search.

5) Evaluate Project

We evaluate the viability for mutual success via position and sector fit, available talent, an effective agreed to process (includes the steps of clarification) etc…  Also we will score the position based on whether there is an agreed to winning formula. This will encompass role, realistic responsibility & comp, Process and mutual cooperation.

6) Align Approach / Position Value

Lay out the services that will be provided to address the business need of the client.  Gain agreement to the approach and services.  Align Value Proposition and gain agreement to our message to the marketplace--the Mutual Accountability Document.  Our client reviews and approves the document and message. 

7) Co-create Project Plan

Achieve clear understanding of deliverables and responsibilities from the Protis perspective as well as from our client.  This would include Timelines/ Slate size/Target companies and or people.  A clear understanding of the successful hire.

8) Clear Fees / Confirm Agreement

We work with the client at Step 8 vs. Step 1.  This allows for a true discussion around setting the rules of engagement and our clients investment will be determined by how critical and difficult the search.  We wait until this stage in dialogue to ensure we are delivering a Value = Benefit/Cost experience to our client.     

8A) Accountability Document Creation

Create a Mutual Accountability Document that clearly represents the relationship between Protis and Client.  This document will include necessary information about the project; process, timelines and any relevant information to be utilized internally and externally.

9) Identify Candidates

Through marketplace touches which consist of phone, video, text and sector referrals we begin identifying talent to begin our vetting process. 

10) Prepare Candidate Call Plan

We then build out our plan through our internal .db and scheduling system.

11) Open Candidate Dialogue

We begin by introducing them to our firm, why we are different in our approach and getting them comfortable in an open minded conversation.

We then run the talent through a scorecard process and begin the evaluation to match alignment to our clients' position needs and "FIT".


12) Assess Motivation Qualifications

We review (5-Point, mini-version of CDS) Candidate Data Sheet, live conversation around presence and then align their scorecard against the role.

13) Complete Candidate Data Sheet

If appropriate, we then invest in a deeper and complete Candidate Data Sheet so we can evaluate against others identified to be finalist for presentation.

14) Match Opportunities / Reference Check by Search Consultant

This is the evaluation and matching step against our clients' role.  The candidates we present are selected against presence, skills & background along with experience and personal scorecard.

15) Create Short List / Comparison Matrix

Pick 5-8 candidates out of all of the candidates for review and evaluate reference checks.  The slate of 2-4 is selected. 

16) Presentation-slate/short list to client

We then deliver candidate summaries along with the Must Have's/Desired attributes against our clients need via live document and present the candidates in a live discussion with client.

17) Prepping Client

A planned pre-interview conversation with all interviewing parties within our client company.  Confirm logistics, candidate experience, hot buttons, skills and experience as they match the requirements, types of questions that will be asked, any concerns the candidate might have or we have about the candidate, counsel our client to close and how to handle compensation and benefits - set up an appointment for debrief call.

18) Prepping Candidate

A planned pre-interview conversation with the candidate.  Confirm logistics, presence, structure to answer questions using  S.T.A.R, how to ask questions, how to close, review clients products out at retail, research the company, interviews individual backgrounds and personalities, how to navigate questions around compensation and benefits.

The goal is to ensure the candidate is who they are and can engage in a meaningful and insightful interview that will allow both parties to make a honest and well-informed decision.

19) Debrief Candidate

Planned post-interview conversation  with candidate.  How was position described, positives you learned about company, role and hiring manager, career growth, level of interest, review close, personally and professional a fit for you and your family and again cover the counter offer.

20) Debrief Client

Planned post-interview conversation  with client.  Is the candidate the right fit, can they do the job, what are their strong points, Chemistry, can you work well with them, any qualifications lacking, where do they rank, potential to be promoted, compensation and ensure we are facilitating a process for our client as a partner to make a well-informed decision.

21) Broker Offer to Candidate

Work with client to ensure an acceptable offer is constructed.  Pre-close the candidate on the "Want" and "Bottom Line" numbers that had been pre-determined.  Then present the acceptable one time offer and gain acceptance from candidate.

We believe in having our clients make offers only when the candidate will accept.  It is our unique approach that has served us well that we only present offers that will be accepted. 

22) Assist with Transition

Ensure client is prepared for on boarding steps to make the new team member feel like a welcomed member of a professional organization.  Walk the candidate through the background, drug screen and resignation process.  Work with the candidate all the way up to and through their first day on the new job.

23) Send Satisfaction Survey / Invoice

Follow up to ensure the experience was excellent and send invoice.

24) Provide Ongoing Support

Staying connected to all parties to understand their satisfaction and performance. Identify future opportunities to grow partnership and gain referrals from both parties.

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