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How We Work
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Over 86% of our business is done with clients that have done their due diligence and selected Protis. Our retained fulfillment results are 96.0% which is at elite level in the Food and Beverage world. The point of difference is how we engage the marketplace.

The engagement process is simple to understand but difficult to execute.  First, it has to be built around a mission of truly being passionate about Building our clients companies while delivering the right fit that also impacts ones' career and changing their lives.

The client fit is built around Mutual Accountability, Fact Based Metrics and Transparency. We engage our deep network of talent by building relationships with each one around their core being. Personal Goals, Professional Goals and Financial Goals.  This allows us to align not only tangible skill sets but also align many of the intangibles that lead to a Better Fit and therefore a higher degree of retention.

Food & Beverage Value Proposition

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Protis Food and Beverage also does 28% of its business contingently. 90% of this work is due to knowing our retained clients so well that we bring them strategic talent that now becomes part of their team.

Our team due to our breadth & depth in our respective sectors over 17 years, allows us to get to "the" top talent either directly or through one step removed.  Our understanding the scorecards of our talent will benefit our clients with strategic hires or new customers considering a new hire or a top grade. 

We are able to do this by:

  • Knowledge of our Clients' Culture and the Intangibles
  • Having Depth and Breadth in the Food and Beverage Sector Globally

Our Global Food and Beverage team brings over 100 years of industry specific experience to the marketplace.  That experience has along with our 17 years of search and networking has provided us a highly connected Global reach.

Whether you have a critical need that you should hire us or a need that you may want to dive into our network contingently to see if there is a possible matching opportunity prior to you going to engaged search or you just need to get some insight, please reach out to Protis and lets' talk about it!!


Protis Food and Beverage Team blends our subject matter expertise, discipline, and technology to scale with our clients needs.

We have helped Fortune 100 build out teams and we have helped start-ups build out their organizations.  We have a proven process on building and scaling teams across multiple disciplines including international roles. 

Our team solutions model allows for this scaling ability which results in our delivery results. The speed and accuracy lowers your costs to hire.