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Case Studies
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Case Study #1
Introduction to the problem/situation

Our client was growing but facing strong competition and losing market share and their on and off premise national account team was in need of a new structure to support the growth of the category and the demands of the retailers in all channels.

The retail environment was begging for help with decisions on space, profitability, volume and promotion

Actions taken

They went through a rigorous internal evaluation process to assess talent to add to the team. Our client then worked with Protis to build the profiles needed at the leadership and NAM levels across all channels.

We then established various time phases to the project based on priority, level and budget.


Of the 15 person team Protis brought in 9 talented national team members from the outside. Including the Senior leader of the team, one of the Directors managing half of the US and 7 of the 12 NAM’s.

The average time to deliver the candidate that was hired was 23.6 days and the overall average process time from start to candidate acceptance was 69.4 days.


The most important benefit is the team’s performance since their acquisition:
- National Accounts is up over 128% in 2 years
- 4 of the hires have already been promoted
- 4 others are considered high potential and ready for promotion

Case Study #2
Introduction to the problem/situation

The client had been searching on their own for a Vice President of a specific Division (Beverage) for 10 months and had spoken with dozens of potential candidates in the process over this extended period of time.  This position came about due to a promotion of an internal candidate to a more Senior position and there was a very difficult internal struggle of promoting from within or going on a process to find an external candidate for the solution.  Once the proper criteria was established independently of the internal or external search it became obvious that the opportunity to promote internally did not exist for this opportunity.  So, the client went on this long arduous process of doing the search themselves.  They ended up flying nine candidates in to do in person interviews with all the proper decision makers.

This process resulted in one candidate that they liked but did not like well enough at the time to offer the opportunity to him.  The client decided they wanted to hire a trusted firm that would understand their difficult situation and be able to successfully perform the search and have a successful conclusion.

Actions taken  

So, the client made a decision to hire the Protis Global Food & Beverage team to perform the search.  They called and we went through several conversations that included all members of the Search selection team.  This was important to get all invested parties on the same page in regards to what would define a successful search.  The most important of the criteria that was decided on was the following:

  1. Diversity of thought, external to the industry of the client, of personal and professional background of internal candidates and real knowledge of the go to market model of the client.
  2. The search is to include the candidate that came out of the previous external search conducted solely by the client.  They wanted Protis evaluation of this candidate and for the candidate to go through the search process via Protis unique Global Food and Beverage Scorecard and gain guidance along with the other candidates that we surface through our external search efforts.


The process designed collaboratively with the client ensured all invested were confident and agreeable on what would be a successful outcome.


The outcome was successful on multiple fronts:

  1. Following three full weeks of search we identified and delivered a slate of candidates in 19 days as a result of our search that the client believed would satisfy in a great way their business problem.
  2. The candidate that was identified by the clients own external search efforts did not win the opportunity, but because of the process and communication, he remains an avid fan of the client and is very interested in continuing to look at other opportunities with the client.  He also became a fan of Protis Beverage team.
  3. The Protis search that was executed delivered four candidates in which the client was willing to make an offer of employment to two of the candidates.  Literally came to back to the Protis team following the interviews and said “We and you had a great day all of the candidates were awesome and qualified and we absolutely would be equally happy with two of them.
  4. So, we went through a process and they made and offer and it was accepted and the candidate begin his new career three weeks later…a 10 month problem solved in 45 days!!

Case Study #3
Introduction to the problem/situation

Our client is a Top 10 wine producer in Spain.  They were having a very hard time finding the right candidate for the role of Off Trade Sales Director for Europe.  They had gone down the route of talking to the many people that were introduced to them by their importers, distributors and friends.  In fact, our client had gone through a few hires that lasted very little time, and through some persistence and counsel by the Protis global Beverage team, the client finally decided to look into working with an International food and beverage recruitment firm, Protis.

Actions Taken  

Art Massolo, Protis’ Global Food & Beverage Recruitment Leader,  began working with the client’s family to tailor their search through the Protis’ Accountability Document.  We worked very hard understanding the culture and the fit that was required for the candidate.  We came to an agreement on the quality of candidate needed to work at the highest level in the European market and then we went to work.


Because of our reach in the European market, we were able to present and close on the right candidate within only 60 days.  We are based in Miami and were able to handle all search, all negotiations, legalities and close of the candidate from our International Headquarters.


We found the best candidate in an accelerated time-frame, alleviating a lot of the pain that our client had been feeling over a long period of time.  The candidate is happy and now out in the market, and managing growth for our clients brand throughout all of Europe.