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Q&A with Chip
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Chip Turrisi is a Recruitment Manager on Team Davis. In his 9 months at Protis Global, he has already made a huge impact, and was recently named  #1 Project Coordinator for the Month of May, and made it to the top 10 YTD Worldwide.

What differentiates our firm from other firms?

C.T.: What sets us apart is the human factor; the relationships we build in the space by getting to know every highly-performing professional in the market place for each search. We truly go above and beyond to make sure we get in touch with the right people and dig deep to seek talent beyond active candidates (those that need their next “job”). We utilize resources and relationships that allow us to find skilled candidates our clients could not simply find by themselves, using traditional search methods. Our capacity to connect  with passive candidates, people who are happy and excelling in their current positions, and present them with an incredible opportunity is what puts us a step ahead. Our interviewing process is also unique, because we really get to know our clients and understand their needs and the challenges that have faced in attracting the best talent, and therefore are able to seek out the individual that fits their needs.

How can you guarantee the quality of the potential hire, and confidently know the candidate will make an immediate and long lasting impact on a client’s organization?

C.T.: It all starts from the initial conversation with candidates and simultaneously with the metrics we use to quantify the impact candidates have had at their current company and how they will impact our client’s companies. I believe that the most accurate indicator of predicting success in an organization is past performance and by using solidified and tangible evidence we can infer the type of impact an individual will make. It is also critical to understand what is important to the candidate and what motivates them - both internally and externally. Through multiple conversations, we can understand not only if the candidate has the experience level and skills required for a position, but also if they will be a great fit personally and culturally to ensure retention.

What do you think one of the biggest challenges is for our clients in the food and beverage industry, and how can our services help them face that challenge?

C.T.: There has been a huge trend of turnover/shorter tenure in the workplace over the past decade. It is becoming harder for companies to first and foremost, attract amazing talent and secondly, retain them. The majority of the conversations we have day-to-day are with individuals that are not seeking out a new opportunity but most would be open minded to hearing about something new. It is necessary for us to understand why an opportunity would make sense for someone in all facets – personally, professionally and financially and ensuring alignment for what would be ideal for them and what the client needs.  We pride ourselves on our ability to identify talent and align their motivators with what our clients are looking for and 37.1% of the people we place are promoted within their first 2 years.

What is the most exciting part about your work and what drives you daily?

C.T.: It’s exciting to work in an industry that everyone is a part of. The food and beverage industry impacts all of us; it’s a fun space to work in, and it is exciting to see that the individuals we place make an impact on the products we see and consume every day. It’s not always easy to do what we do day in and day out but understanding the big picture and being able to help transform companies and better peoples’ lives is truly rewarding. I am driven by success and that can be measured in a couple ways, objectively and subjectively -- through the metric-driven goals we set every week and each quarter that we can track and subjectively by exceeding our clients expectations and having fun doing it!