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Is Burger King heralding a new heyday for the hot dog?
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The hot dog was once America's favorite food. As the turn of the century loomed and industrial production sped up in the late 1800s, people strolled up and down the boardwalk at Coney Island with a novel new snack - a beef or pork sausage wrapped in a bun and topped with mustard.

As the hot dog grew in popularity, it also became a revered part of American culture. As Felisa Rogers wrote in her article on the history of the hot dog for Salon:

"American nostalgia for the hot dog is almost unequaled: In the popular imagination the hot dog is synonymous with summertime, baseball, camping and, of course, the working man's Riviera."

But then, tastes changed. Maybe the American palate became more sophisticated, or an increasingly health-conscious culture decided there was no place for a food whose origins were decidedly unclear and, admittedly, off-putting - what is in a hot dog, anyway?

All that may be changing though.