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Sean Lewis joins the Protis Banking Team
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Indianapolis, IN - I had the pleasure to meet Sean through an annual children’s charity golf event in Indianapolis in 2011.  Through a mutual friend, I was able to “recruit” (yes, recruiting leaked over to golf) Sean to join our 4-person golf team.  It was a big time recruit as two of us were average to below average golfers’ and we had another solid player but we needed a consistent rock.  The tournament format is set up with no mulligans and has a high price of entry – great for players and great for the charities in the fund raising goal.

As I spent time with Sean in 2011 and then again in the 2012 tournament (we won both years by the way), I started to learn about his professional skill.  But also as you play golf with someone, you learn so much about peoples’ characteristics and attributes.  What I discovered in Sean is a competitive spirit, high energy, positive attitude and a good sense of humor.  I learned about his professional background and quickly understood that he had traits to do what we do every day –Build Companies & Change Lives!

So this past September 2012 riding along about the 15th hole, I mentioned to Sean to consider a career at Protis.  It seemed to make sense where Sean was in his career life-cycle and also in his personal scorecard.  He soon reached back out to me and we began discussions--- I am excited to say that Sean is a member of the Protis Banking practice and I am sure success is in his future but as important, the candidates and clients he will come across will be in great hands.

As a by-product benefit, Protis has just strengthened our golf team and we will be back next year in the IMG Golf outing to nail down a Three-Peat and I am sure Sean will be a catalyst to the endeavor. In the meantime, I would encourage you to reach out to Sean and get to know him.