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Starting Protis After College Graduation - Garrett Butcher
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As I graduated college I was very unsure what the next route in my life would be. I had always been involved with sports – considered college or professional coaching, going to law school and becoming a sports agent, or getting into business outside of sports. After interviewing several times with Protis I noticed a few things about the people and the company that intrigued me enough I had to learn more – a few weeks later I took the job.

As I thought coming into this experience, the people I work with couldn’t be better, I knew very little about recruiting, and my knowledge about the food and beverage industry was truly much less than one might expect. From top management down to the people I work with daily, it’s a family type environment and there are few companies where you can have a conversation or hang out with your CEO or VPs outside of work.

After almost 4 months of working here it’s been more than I thought from every aspect. I tell people all the time that there are few other jobs where I can learn, develop, and gain the experience from a professional business level than what I do daily here. You’re truly changing lives, impacting people, and developing relationships throughout the country – what other job gives you that?

It hasn’t been easy though, dealing with people can be challenging, after all they are people, so you never know what to expect. People say “oh you’re a headhunter” or you must “cold call” all day, yes you’re right, if you want to look at it with a narrow mind frame– in my opinion I’m a 23 year old who graduated college 5 months ago that now works with, manages, develops and helps build some of the most known and prominent food and beverage companies in the world with one of the best recruiting teams at one of the best companies in the world. I know going forward that whatever I do; recruiting, coaching, going back to school or whatever it may be, that my skills developed here will give me the ability to be successful in anything.