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I was on my long run this past Saturday, knocking out 10 miles in the 88 degree south Florida humidity (that you could cut with a knife) when a question kept rolling through my mind as I desperately just wanted to take a break:  “Why do I train like this?”  I signed up for the Miami Ironman but that task is at risk, as I have not appropriately committed to the demon “swimming”.  So, regardless, WHY? Why do I do this when I am really not training for any particular event?

When I start to suffer during a run like this or on a long bike ride or getting my butt kicked at Fastwitch where I push those evil sleds, I ask “Why?”

The answer is I do not know “why” but I definitively know why I finish.  Each time I am at the “suffer stage” or the moment of truth, I think of my father and the last week of his life.  I stayed so strong while he suffered those last few days by the devastating effects of his cancer.  I was by his bedside everyday and finally when it was just my dad and I, I broke down.  Mind you, this was about 3 hours before he passed away.  And, if you have ever sat with a loved one at this point in their life, you know where I was and where he was.  As I broke down, my amazing yet devastatingly weakened father found the strength to reach his arm up over my shoulder and hold me.  It was an amazing gesture from someone who had lost all ability involving the smallest physical strength.  

So, I don’t know why I train like I do but I do know why I finish

The point is whether you are tired and have had one of those “kick your butt days”…keep grinding.  Find the deepest, meaningful inspiration in your life and put it in your reserve tank to tap when you get tired chasing your dreams- whatever those dreams may be. 

Right now, I do not know why I train but my father is why I finish.  If he, and others with equally inspiring great examples could do what they did, sore legs, 90 degrees and overall fatigue can all be damned. 

Find your flame whether it is work, family or the physical.  It takes mind, body and soul in life.  My hope is at Protis we deliver the ? for our clients and candidates because it is not simply work- what we do is just part of life. 

Here is a typical week working on Mind, Body & Soul that inspires us to make a difference at Protis and everything we do. -   So, why do you finish?