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Cultivating Your Core
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Kent Burns What's Your Why Setting The Goal

It is no secret in the fitness world of the immense benefits to working on your core.  The list is infinite but includes improved flexibility, better posture, increased balance, more strengthened muscles and sound stability.  All of these enhanced components equal a better, overall physical being…and fewer pulled groins, one would hope (I know, I know—Hope is not a Strategy).  

One thing I can say, you recover from injury and setbacks much quicker with a fit Core than if your core is weak as I can attest by groin recovery!! Thanks to Fast Twitch and Reecondition Fitness in Miami & Indianapolis! Big Shout out to both trainers Jim Meder and Marc Smith! That statement holds true whether it be your body or your business.

Often, I reflect on Protis’ core.  What are the components that make up the “core” of the organization and what movements will improve the overall health of the team? (Talent acquisition, product value proposition (point of difference vs. competition), sales training, production, financial health) While the answers to these questions can be ever changing in todays’ shifting sands, it always circles back to the internal structure of Protis core strength.  A lack of movement (not addressing getting better & stronger), leads to a static being and a weaker core. If you are not getting better, you are getting weaker, no such thing as sitting still.

As with the human core, nothing is automatic with the core of your business either.  Constant focus, examination, tweaking, and plain, old-fashioned hard work (Effort Matters is a Protis battle-cry) is required every day to achieve a more successful foundation. In order for Protis to productively forge ahead, two, key, strategic changes were recently enacted to make Protis’ core stronger.  These adjustments have even included role modifications for me!

The first strategic change is Kent Burns, promoted to Vice President of Sales, leading the day-to-day operations at Protis in Indianapolis.  While difficult for a control freak like me to hand over the reins (and really, really hand them over), they have been passed to a worthy captain and person of purpose.  Passion best describes all that embodies Kent and it is reflected in his successful efforts at Protis.  Kent has a daily quote each morning that he tweets to the world.  He isn’t just sending out another random quote but actually searches for what truly has meaning and inspiration for him and our organization.  His passion is exemplified in his quotes… and you might even find a funny tweet about Rex Ryan and foot fetishes as well.  

The second strategic change creates three, dominate areas of attention for me.  The first, allows me to focus on building the next generation of Protis’ talent and LEADERS both in Indianapolis and Miami. (not sure where you are but it is 75 today in Miami--should not be tough finding talent wanting to work out of Miami??)

Our future depends on the NXT GEN leaders of Protis.  Like many other organizations, talent acquisition is a key component for Protis in 2011.  Second, it lets me concentrate more of my time, efforts and energy on the development of Protis’ client partners and better putting Protis in a position to win.  Digging into and clearly understanding what creates a more solid core for our clients is imperative to achieving victories for them- and for Protis.  Third, this gives me the ability to dig into financial aspect of Protis which goes beyond just P&L’s and Balance sheets.  It gives me the opportunity to evaluate trends in the industry and our business and evaluate our players in the organization.

The learning is we must continue to evaluate our being and our business.  We must understand our Dreams and dig into Truth and then Execute…none of our dreams come true and ascend from fantasy without a strong core whether it be our physical self, our values, our athletic teams or our businesses.

All cores are different.  The exercises vary from person to person or client to client.  What works best for you, may not be the same as the next.  Pay attention to what your body- or your business is saying.  Measure the results and respond accordingly.  Don’t stay where you are…move forward.  And remember, you can never think TOO BIG!

What are you thinking?  How Big is it? Are you working on your physical Core? Are you looking at your Core business and evaluating what are the Brutal Facts and taking action?

And, Stay Solid…