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Dream - Truth - Execution | #DTE
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Dream - Truth - Execution | #DTE

The years spent obtaining my undergraduate degree, I changed.
Three years teaching elementary art, I discovered purpose.
Three years of law school, I found passion.
Ten weeks at Protis, I have vision.

• • •

Protis is a small but largely successful boutique executive search firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was invited into Protis at an evolutionary time in this organization as changes in leadership, philosophy, and culture have been occurring right before my eyes.   Protis is on a mission.  This organization is about to make the move from a good company to a great one and it is incredible not just witness this change starting to occur, but to be a part of it.  Furthermore, to see my colleagues commit to themselves and each other to see this plan through is simply unparalleled to anything I have experienced in my 14 years in the working world.  

When I first stepped into Protis, part of the culture that I found interesting is that everyone in our organization, including our CEO, work in the same room side by side.  It is very much a team environment.  I sit right next to Kent Burns, our VP of Sales.  Kent is an early morning guy often arriving before 6 a.m.  I am not an early morning person, but I am getting to work as much as an hour and a half early just so I can spend time with Kent soaking in his wisdom.  

As part of our ongoing training, Kent led a session revolving around personal growth and particularly our individual dreams.  I really got into this session as I am very much a dreamer.  I have ambitious goals and love chasing them but much of what I took away from this session was grounded in gaining awareness that it is important to understand the realistic truth behind the execution of these dreams.

After a few weeks of looking in the mirror, gaining a much deeper understanding of what is really driving my life decisions, Kent challenged all of us to capture one of our dreams visually.  These visual representations now reside on the wall in Kent’s workspace, where everyday, we all can see not only our own, but everyone’s dream.  The best part, as these dreams are grounded in truth, it is going to be incredible watching everyone’s dream become reality, as I know if we are wholeheartedly committed to them, Protis is a place where we will see them achieved.

I believe it is imperative for one to dream.  But I am curious, to what extent is there realistic truth in your dreams and further, if your dreams are grounded in truth, will you do what is necessary to execute them? 

• • •

I found truth in my dreams and have a plan in place to execute.
I now have vision, do you?
Dream – Truth – Execution |  #DTE