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Work Out of the Week
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Workout of the week.  What do you do to get back after it when you have a pulled groin?

If you read my blog "Irony of Core" you know that one is limited.  However, here is what I did my Jim Meder at Fast Twitch in Miami.

1. Front Lateral raises- 3x 15 while maintaing static Core position
2. Side lateral raises- 3x 15
3. Dumb bell shoulder presses (standing due to pressure on groin) 3x 15
4. Hammer Curls 2x 10
5. Standard curls 2x 10
6. TRX Strap Rows 2x 10
7. Dumb bell back Rows 2x 10 each arm
8. Dumb bell standing snatches 2x 10
9. TRX standing/45 degree lean overhead Tricep extentions 2x 10
10. Dip Pulses 2x 20
11. BOSU ball push-ups 2x 10
12. Supported lower ab leg raises 2x 20
13. Straight Arm out planks -- allows for static Core engagment without straining groin.

All of the above done while engaging and strengthenig my Core yet, limited range of motion to the injury.  The intersting part is the above was one hell of a workout & I would prefer (beyond the obvious of total health) to be totally healthy to spread out the intensity of the workout...even injured we found a way to keep heart rate up; work on upper strength; STILL get some Core work done and stress the injury a tad along with VERY light stretch.

So, if your territory has lost an account or your business has taken some serious your Core Accounts or your Core nucleus of your team--cultivate and nurture them.  Top Grade others (meaning REMOVE) and look to add the Next Generation of Talent/Accounts to raise your game!!! To be great requires TOUGH decisions & TOUGH decisions are the difference between being a contender or a Champion...What are you?

Lets GO!  DTE

AND...Stay Solid