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The Irony of Core
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Fast Twitch Boys My friends at Fast Twitch (Jim Meder on the Right)

There has been quite a bit of irony for me already in 2011.  It all started with a stellar golf game in Florida.  The first irony is my actually having a stellar game.  I was leading the match going into the 17th hole.  I had a Tiger-esque drive (prior to the indiscretions).  It was a drive of the ages.  Solidly hit, straight down the fairway, thirty yards from the cup. The ball actually had been exploding off the clubs all day –keep in mind, I only play this well about one time per year and this was the day!  I could envision the golf announcers singing my praises.  

I left out one important fact.  That amazing drive brought me to my knees.  The fall wasn’t due to the immense power or being off balance but because I was in agony.  Yes, the center of my physical being, MY CORE, was in ruins.  My cleats stuck to the turf…and so did my groin.

I knew instantly what had occurred.  I had similar injuries before this, and although not as severe as the last time (15 years ago), this is a very close second.  To say this injury hurts is an understatement.  It’s a slow heal.  The first few days, simply walking, is a challenge.  Rolling over in bed can cause an unexpected scream in the middle of the night, which awakens Crosby (our lab) and scares him to death.  If you have read my blogs before you know my passion for physical activity.  What you may not know is I lack patience.  I really lack patience.  This injury and my lack of patience do not go hand in hand.  

As the Core is the center of the universe, there is little you can do but lay off with time to heal.  I have manipulated all sorts of workouts (with my trainer, Marc Smith at Reecondition Fitness while in Indianapolis) to maintain some level of conditioning and strength.  I know, however, if I do not give my Core the time it needs to heal properly everything else will be effected.  Almost two weeks later, you will still find me with ice down my pants (I know TMI) or scouring for a hot tub.  Certain movements are still very painful.  Today, I head back to my FL trainer Jim Meder at FastTwitch in Miami for some professional guidance on working out through this injury.  

So, the irony of Core Time, in the midst of my core being in disarray is almost comical except for the Miami Ironman I signed up for even though I can’t really swim—more to come on that topic in future writings  

The message remains clear.
  Many individuals and companies have been brought to their knees over the last two years and have injured their Core.  It is time to get up and do something.  Work on your core diligently as you would your craft in business.  Go back to the basics.  Build on the key blocks of your foundation whatever your occupation.  Do the little things well…I used to tell my kids while coaching, “if you make all the ordinary plays in the course of a game vs. trying to make ESPN highlights, you will always have a chance to win.”  The reason is simple.  Very few teams will beat us. Most of the time,  we beat ourselves through lack of focus or attention to detail.

2011 is a fresh start in a lot of ways.  Building or rebuilding hinges on the strength of your CORE- physically and mentally - one step at a time…even if you have been brought to your knees

AND...Stay Solid.