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Workout of the Week
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Hello again and welcome to the my Workout of the Week!!!  First, I have been a little tardy due to crazy 9 day cold/flu illness --no, no the workout did not make me sick!  I would say the Thanksgiving holiday activities including late nights and various adult beverages was the main culprit.

Marc Smith, Recondition Fitness & I got after it last weekend prior to the flu and put together a nice workout focusing on CORE & Legs.

  • Nice warm up with a slow 2 mile run
  • Power Squats Jumps (Using Bands over shoulders) and then jumping from a Squat and then landing back into a Squat 4 sets x 10 Reps
  • Standing Kick Back (donkey Kicks) 17.5 lbs 4 x 10
  • Steps ups (16 inches) using 35lb kettle Bell 4 x 10
  • Angled Leg Press 4 x 10
  • 1 (one) armed sit-ups with 10lb Kettle Bell 4 x 10 each arm or 80 total sit ups
  • Straight Arm Planks on/off using a Medicine Ball  4x 10 while partner is doing 6 inch leg raises & partners then switch 4 x 10 

NOTE: On the straight arm planks -- you plank on the medicine ball with both hands then you take one hand to off ball to ground and leave one on ball and slightly do a one arm push up with off hand while maintaining plank and then put hand back on ball and use the other hand -- that is considered 2 reps (one of each side)

I posted this workout because it is a great workout for the Core while getting in "some" leg effort as I am not big on doing legs but do them as a necessary evil.

In addition, the one armed kettle bell sit ups are awesome!!!  You can start not using kettle bell and then work your way into a kettle bell but what a great exercise as it is a focused & isolated move and must be done with proper technique.  The benefit is outstanding.

The big heart rate impact was the band power squats and especially the 16 inch step ups with the heavier kettle bell.

Again, all these activities done in a pretty short period of time -- in this case my partner and I both were completed in 45 minutes post run and it keeps heart rate up and is focused on Core.


And...Stay Solid