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Work out of the Week
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It is the day before Thanksgiving so no time to let the focus wane and even more important to focus harder--so I already have essentially three workouts in but really enjoyed yesterday as it was well a rounded effort.

See the picture--the convict I work out with!  No you would not take him home to meet your family but he is a hell of a trainer!!!

Not much time to get it in as I had 1.5 hours

  • Dynamic Stretch
  • 2 mile Run
  • 20 Sprints (well what I do is not actually a sprint but it is as hard as I can run) of 84 feet.
  • 15 more sprints receiving a pass and shooting 3's for right, center and left of court
  • Full Stretch
  • Hanging Cleans 10 reps x 4 sets super setting with Back row with Straps 10x4
  • Back Extensions superman action 10 x 4
  • Low Row 10 x 4
  • Curls full Rack starting with 45lbs, 40,35 etc all the way down to 10lbs at 5 reps each

Great times and did no legs as I am running Drumstick Dash with many friends tomorrow -- love hanging with the crew.

So, I leave you with a thought...this is the time of year to reflect & ask you have work and life or do you have life?  Do you know your dream? Is it written down? What actions are you taking today to move the dream from fantasy to reality? 

Have a great Holiday weekend!!!!

And...Stay Solid