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Alright- the first entry!!! So…where do I go from here? 

Some Core Essentials

Why is my blog called “Core Time” and why tie Fitness to Career and Life?

I mean, what credentials do I have to blogerate (yes, I made this word up but it is a combined effort between blogging and verbal regurgitation) to others about fitness? Let’s go through the accolades.  I have no training certifications.  I am 49 years old and run slowly at a mere 9 minute per-mile-pace.  I am not the smallest cat with body fat at 18.8% and at only 6’0” tall my weight is 205 pounds! My BMI is 27% vs the 25% or less than it should be.  I fight injuries right and left that are chronic and age related.  So, I am not exactly an endorsement of the next great athlete nor one in the making. 

But, for a moment, let’s take a look at the Definition of CORE- “it is the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything”.  (http://dictionary.reference.browse.core)

Todd Durkin, a professional trainer in San Diego posted on his Twitter account:  “The Muscle Matrix works you in 3 dimensions.  What does not work?  Running  > Straight ahead > Day after Day > Mile after Mile”.   Wow, I love to run but I do agree and have changed my habits and workouts to include a more well-rounded balance:  Run, Cycle, Flexibility, Band Work, Lift- all the while focusing on the most important = CORE. 

The point is the Muscle Matrix requires a balance of strength and it starts at the CORE.  Likewise, your focus for anything starts at the Core.  Do you know, or have you visualized your dream? Have you established “Truth” goals around Personal Goals, Professional Goals, and Financial Goals?  The key is “TRUTH” goals, the ones that are and are visible: Every action, Each day, must Align to the dream in mind…thus, turning the dream from fantasy to reality. 

So, how does this translate?

Teams that win championships, like elite companies, have a CORE nucleus of talent that work on the details and the little things- ALL the little things.  I know, I know, all the boring stuff!!! We want to see the shiny stuff- amazing dunks,  a grand slam with two outs, the hail Mary pass and catch to win the game or that employee save the month OR the year with that elusive, once in a lifetime SALE.  All exciting stuff---but the little things lead to winning and WINNING CONSISTENTLY puts butts in the seats and revenue on the board.

Well, building a strong CORE builds strength, productivity, sustainability and therefore consistent results!

In the gym, it’s all about the little muscles in our bodies within the CORE region (26 of them).  By strengthening them, it allows us to work more effectively on our major muscle groups.  It requires us to commit with an Attitude and a Purpose at our soul level commanding we work on the details, the little muscle groups and our CORE.

At our company, Protis Executive Innovations, it is the same thing.  We work on the little things but first we needed a CORE group of the “right” talent of individuals that “buy into the program” so we can collectively become a stronger company.  We work on how we THINK, how we ACT and how we EXECUTE.

I realized, as Todd Durkin alluded in his Twitter feed, it is (3) dimensions including the mind and our CORE! This shift caused me to really focus on my training and my CORE which has made a huge difference in my fitness level.

These are the same basics we instill at Protis- building a CORE team with purpose and challenging the mind.  This is transforming Protis’ successes from what we only dreamed about in the past…into reality.   This obviously wasn’t always the case…but we made our decision to be true to our CORE values.

It is funny.  At one time, I thought of running and fitness as a punitive activity from my athletic days.  11 years ago, my non-athletic wife (self admitted, I’m not that stupid) started running.  She woke up one morning and said she was running the Indianapolis 500 Half-marathon.  Through her action, (and probably due to my competitive nature) it inspired me to do the same.  I have run countless half marathons to date- over 20 and even threw in a full marathon- the Marine Corp Marathon- for good measure.  Her Action and my reaction, have inspired many others to take up not only physical activity but to think deep inside themselves and challenge what they want to be and how they can themselves impact others.   The opportunity to positively impact others doesn’t just happen unless we DO something and take action. 

So, with this blog, we will try to have some fun in the gym and what we do in life…its not work/life it IS life!

I am hopeful it will provide you and me with focus, provide some humor and inspire us all to focus on our dreams and challenges.  We all need something or someone to make us think!

Enjoy reading (and I hope not just to help you fall asleep at night) and provide feedback! If it inspires only one person to think about their mind, their purpose, their guiding principles, their actions around life/career= LIFE, to identify their dream and turning them into reality- THAT WOULD BE COOL. 

And…Stay Solid