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CoreTime Series Episode 2 - Michael Bitar

posted in "" on 08/12/11

I am pleased to release Episode 2 of CoreTime: The Series featuring Michael Bitar.  He delivers a great message on why he is a $8,000,000 + Biller in the Search World.  He "cares" ... Read more »

Coretime Episode 1 Featuring Vern Davis

posted in "" on 07/20/11

Vernon brings his energy and passion to his client base.  An outstanding search professional delivering talent in the Food & Beverage sector inclusive of depth in the adult beverage world. V ... Read more »


posted in "" on 07/14/11

I was on my long run this past Saturday, knocking out 10 miles in the 88 degree south Florida humidity (that you could cut with a knife) when a question kept rolling through my mind as I desperately j ... Read more »

New Muscles; Stronger Core

posted in "" on 04/04/11

As you many of know, I have a strong belief that our Core is the absolute key to continued strength, stability, flexibility and sustained effort that leads to high performance.  That is so true ... Read more »

Cultivating Your Core

posted in "" on 01/25/11

It is no secret in the fitness world of the immense benefits to working on your core.  The list is infinite but includes improved flexibility, better posture, increased balance, more strengt ... Read more »

The Irony of Core

posted in "" on 01/15/11

My friends at Fast Twitch (Jim Meder on the Right)There has been quite a bit of irony for me already in 2011.  It all started with a stellar golf game in Florida.  The first irony is my act ... Read more »


posted in "" on 11/17/10

Alright- the first entry!!! So…where do I go from here?  Why is my blog called “Core Time” and why tie Fitness to Career and Life? I mean, what credentials do I have to b ... Read more »