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Artisan cold-brew coffee jolting the beverage industry awake

posted in General on 07/11/16 by Bert Miller

A cup of cold coffee has never sounded so appetizing ... until now.  Ready-to-drink coffee, kept cold on refrigerator shelves, is the fastest growing beverage category in the U.S., according to Beverage Marketing. "RTD" coffee grew faster than any other segment in 2014, posting a 10.7 percent volume increase. An impressive feat, considering that ... Read more »

Proposed change to nutritional labels would show amount of exercise needed to burn calories in one serving

posted in General on 07/11/16 by Bert Miller

Even as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently finalized changes to the Nutrition Facts label, a bigger facelift may be in the iconic guidelines' future: the amount of physical activity needed to burn off the calories in a given food or beverage. A push from across the pond ... The movement to add exercise equivalents to nutritional labels is gaining tracti ... Read more »

Proposed change to nutritional labels would show amount of exercise needed to burn calories in one serving

posted in on 07/11/16 by Bert Miller

  Even as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently finalized changes to the Nutrition Facts label, a bigger facelift may be in the iconic guidelines' future: the amount of physical activity needed to burn off the calories in a given food or beverage.   A push from across the pond ... The movement to add exercise equivalents to nutritional labels is ... Read more »

Is Burger King heralding a new heyday for the hot dog?

posted in General on 05/09/16 by Bert Miller

The hot dog was once America's favorite food. As the turn of the century loomed and industrial production sped up in the late 1800s, people strolled up and down the boardwalk at Coney Island with a novel new snack - a beef or pork sausage wrapped in a bun and topped with mustard. As the hot dog grew in popularity, it also became a revered part of American culture. ... Read more »

Change Never Felt So Good

posted in on 05/08/15 by Bert Miller

I asked my team to reflect on 2014 and what was the biggest lesson learned this year professionally & about themselves? It was not even 11am and I had responses from the entire team except one and his I am sure, will be incredibly thoughtful.  This is truly the most special group we have had at Protis in 19 years.  So now I felt I owed answers to the sa ... Read more »

Protis Soars in the 2nd Quarter

posted in General on 07/01/14 by Bert Miller

2014 has proven to be one of the biggest and coolest in the 19 year history of Protis. The 2nd Quarter did nothing but add support and momentum to a group of talented people surging and finding their groove. Protis had a record setting performance by Team Bitar which includes Michael Bitar, Nate Vining,  Skye Miller, Jason Brown and Alec Bitar.  Team Davis ... Read more »

Bienvenidos a Mexico- el Segundo parte

posted in on 05/03/13 by Bert Miller

Bienvenidos a Mexico- el Segundo parte  Work hard/ Play hard is one of the Protis mantras and nothing epitomizes that effort more than the annual Protis Pacesetter Awards trip.  This trip is won by achieving a specific, yearly, billings goal.  It’s a tough number to hit and the effort is rewarded!  The Excellence in Playa Mujeres, Mexico se ... Read more »

Sean Lewis joins the Protis Banking Team

posted in General on 11/16/12 by Bert Miller

Indianapolis, IN - I had the pleasure to meet Sean through an annual children’s charity golf event in Indianapolis in 2011.  Through a mutual friend, I was able to “recruit” (yes, recruiting leaked over to golf) Sean to join our 4-person golf team.  It was a big time recruit as two of us were average to below average golfers’ and we h ... Read more »

Hiring of Massolo Opens Global Recruitment at Protis

posted in General on 10/24/11 by Bert Miller

INDIANAPOLIS (October 3, 2011) – Protis, an executive search firm that Builds Companies and Changes Lives with significant focus in the food and beverage industry, announces the addition of Art Massolo as Vice President of Global Recruitment.Massolo has 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, building some of the world’s biggest wine and ... Read more »

CoreTime Series Episode 2 - Michael Bitar

posted in on 08/12/11 by Bert Miller

I am pleased to release Episode 2 of CoreTime: The Series featuring Michael Bitar.  He delivers a great message on why he is a $8,000,000 + Biller in the Search World.  He "cares" and he is always "in the moment" with his clients and candidates. He has changed the landscape of many careers and built out companies over the years in the Food & B ... Read more »

Coretime Episode 1 Featuring Vern Davis

posted in on 07/20/11 by Bert Miller

Vernon brings his energy and passion to his client base.  An outstanding search professional delivering talent in the Food & Beverage sector inclusive of depth in the adult beverage world. Vern is an avid cigar lover and a father of three as well as a devoted husband.  Please take a look and enjoy the time taking in the learnings of Vern's successful 11 ... Read more »


posted in on 07/14/11 by Bert Miller

I was on my long run this past Saturday, knocking out 10 miles in the 88 degree south Florida humidity (that you could cut with a knife) when a question kept rolling through my mind as I desperately just wanted to take a break:  “Why do I train like this?”  I signed up for the Miami Ironman but that task is at risk, as I have not appropriately co ... Read more »

New Muscles; Stronger Core

posted in on 04/04/11 by Bert Miller

As you many of know, I have a strong belief that our Core is the absolute key to continued strength, stability, flexibility and sustained effort that leads to high performance.  That is so true whether we are talking about our bodies, our values or our business. So in life, we have some things we just don't use...or perhaps that we don't use often enough. The ... Read more »

Nathan Vining Joins Protis Executive Innovations

posted in General on 03/30/11 by Bert Miller

INDIANAPOLIS (March 30, 2011) – Protis Executive Innovations, an executive level search firm, continues to grow with the addition of Nathan Vining as an Account Executive for the organization.Vining received his undergraduate degree from Valparaiso University in Meteorology and Mathematics and continued his education at Valparaiso University School of Law, rec ... Read more »

Jeans for Charity

posted in General on 03/30/11 by Bert Miller

Protis Executive Innovations has developed a way to give back to the community through the establishment of Jeans for Charity.  Jeans for Charity was established in 2008 when the idea of a casual work environment became appealing to the majority of the office. How it works: Team members can wear jeans if they donate to the charity of the month.  Each month, ... Read more »

Making a Difference - Japanese Relief Effort - Justin Vining

posted in General on 03/16/11 by Bert Miller

(Video - Stage One of Process) So many life changes over the last year, I am still running a million miles per hour and have not had many opportunities to slow down and reflect.  However, last night I received a message and it hit hard.  Many who read this will not have the proper context as to my background, so I will just say, I have generated modest succ ... Read more »

An Analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Report

posted in General on 02/05/11 by Bert Miller

The Labor Department reported that the U.S. unemployment rate fell from 9.4 to 9.0 percent in January, while 36,000 jobs were created. The private sector accounted for 50,000 new jobs, while government payrolls shed 14,000 employees, mostly at the local level. A seasonally adjusted drop in the total number of unemployed people by more than 600,000 - possibly a result ... Read more »

Cultivating Your Core

posted in on 01/25/11 by Bert Miller

It is no secret in the fitness world of the immense benefits to working on your core.  The list is infinite but includes improved flexibility, better posture, increased balance, more strengthened muscles and sound stability.  All of these enhanced components equal a better, overall physical being…and fewer pulled groins, one would hope (I know, ... Read more »

Work Out of the Week

posted in on 01/17/11 by Bert Miller

Workout of the week.  What do you do to get back after it when you have a pulled groin? If you read my blog "Irony of Core" you know that one is limited.  However, here is what I did my Jim Meder at Fast Twitch in Miami. 1. Front Lateral raises- 3x 15 while maintaing static Core position2. Side lateral raises- 3x 153. Dumb bell shoulder presses (standing d ... Read more »

The Irony of Core

posted in on 01/15/11 by Bert Miller

My friends at Fast Twitch (Jim Meder on the Right)There has been quite a bit of irony for me already in 2011.  It all started with a stellar golf game in Florida.  The first irony is my actually having a stellar game.  I was leading the match going into the 17th hole.  I had a Tiger-esque drive (prior to the indiscretions).  It was a drive of ... Read more »

2010 Branta Award Winner - Kent Burns

posted in General on 12/20/10 by Bert Miller

The team at Protis really got it right by selecting Kent Burns as the 2010 “Branta Award” recipient.  The award is earned based on a vote of your peers and given to the person that best embodies the Protis Core Values over the past year. Principal Michael Bitar had this to say about Kent: “Kent was the perfect choice.  He made an immediate ... Read more »

Workout of the Week

posted in on 12/06/10 by Bert Miller

Hello again and welcome to the my Workout of the Week!!!  First, I have been a little tardy due to crazy 9 day cold/flu illness --no, no the workout did not make me sick!  I would say the Thanksgiving holiday activities including late nights and various adult beverages was the main culprit. Marc Smith, Recondition Fitness & I got after it last weekend p ... Read more »

Dang Sled - And...Stay solid

posted in on 11/22/10 by Bert Miller

I WILL learn to LOVE this sled as well as another sled -- one is to push and the other to pull.  The one you push = the harder you push it, the harder it fights!! This is an exercise that will absolutely get your heart rate up; provide resistance and work the core.  Great for full body and a great cardio burn.  It also is a movemen ... Read more »

Work out of the Week

posted in on 11/22/10 by Bert Miller

It is the day before Thanksgiving so no time to let the focus wane and even more important to focus harder--so I already have essentially three workouts in but really enjoyed yesterday as it was well a rounded effort. See the picture--the convict I work out with!  No you would not take him home to meet your family but he is a hell of a trainer!!! Not much tim ... Read more »


posted in on 11/17/10 by Bert Miller

Alright- the first entry!!! So…where do I go from here?  Why is my blog called “Core Time” and why tie Fitness to Career and Life? I mean, what credentials do I have to blogerate (yes, I made this word up but it is a combined effort between blogging and verbal regurgitation) to others about fitness? Let’s go through the accolades.&n ... Read more »

Justin Vining Joins Protis Executive Innovations

posted in General on 10/30/10 by Bert Miller

by Protis Executive Innovations on Friday, October 29, 2010 INDIANAPOLIS (October 29, 2010) – Protis Executive Innovations has announced the hiring of Justin Vining as a search consultant for the organization.  Vining’s background includes a B.A. from Purdue University as well as Juris Doctor from Valparaiso University School of Law.  He is owne ... Read more »

Protis Identifying Another Impact Player

posted in General on 10/28/10 by Bert Miller

By Protis Executive Innovations on Thursday, October 28, 2010 at 11:59am MANN PACKING CREATES NEW DIRECTOR OF TRADE MARKETING ROLE Food industry veteran joins company’s sales team SALINAS, Calif. – Oct. 27, 2010 –Jeff Stachelek will join Mann Packing on Nov. 1, to fill the newly created position as director of trade marketing. In the new role, St ... Read more »

Protis Makes Top Ten in Project Coordinator Ranking Worldwide

posted in General on 01/27/10 by Bert Miller

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:INDIANAPOLIS (Jan 27, 2010) – Protis Executive Innovations is proud to announce that two of its very own earned worldwide recognition. Out of over 1,000 offices worldwide, Cindy Martin and Parveen Tai are amongst the top ten Account Executives for 2009. Cindy Martin, Account Executive, ranks second worldwide. She has been with Protis since ... Read more »

Kent Burns Joins Protis Executive Innovations

posted in General on 01/21/10 by Bert Miller

INDIANAPOLIS (January 21, 2010) - Protis Executive Innovations announced today that Kent Burns has joined the organization. Burns is an award-winning and nationally recognized expert in talent acquisition and retention. His prior experience includes eight and one-half y...ears with MRINETWORK, the world’s largest search firm. In 2003, Burns was the Top-Producing ... Read more »

Industry News

posted in General on 04/13/09 by Bert Miller

Week of April 13, 2009Included articles of interest - Workforce Management New York Video Game Makers Still Playing to WinBy Karen J BannanApril 2009The Wall Street Journal Recession Now Hits Jobs in Health CareBy Avery JohnsonApril 12, 2009The New York Times With Finance Disgraced, Which Career will be King?By Steve LohrApril 12, 2009The Associated Press Where the J ... Read more »

Three Goals for Better Time Management

posted in General on 11/08/08 by Bert Miller

Do you ever have the feeling that there aren't sufficient hours in the day? Time management is something that can make a huge difference to what you can achieve during the working day. The following are a series of tips to help you and your team manage time successfully. Organization and goal setting Decide your personal life/career objectives. Specify the object ... Read more »

Three Reasons You Should Use an Executive Recruiter

posted in General on 11/07/08 by Bert Miller

The services of outside professionals are used by prudent companies for legal, accounting and other special needs. Executive recruiters should be viewed in the same light: as skilled specialists who can identify the best candidates to fill important positions within the company. Recruiters provide strict confidentiality, an extensive network of contacts, objectivity i ... Read more »

Protis Executive Innovations Makes Inc. 500

posted in General on 10/05/01 by Bert Miller

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Protis Executive Innovations, an Executive Search Firm located on the west side of Indianapolis in Avon, IN, has been ranked #426 on the prestigious FY-2001 Inc. 500 list of America's fastest-growing privately held companies. George Gendron, Editor-in-Chief of Inc. Magazine stated "Protis Executive Innovations joins an elite group of growth compani ... Read more »